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Bryan has been working primarily on the camera integration and robot communication. He is trying to use UDP Multicasting so the robots can communicate via a wireless connection. As of now neither task is complete, but UDP Multicasting is very close to being complete, he thinks. Rob has been working primarily on image processing so the robot can locate the "victim" (red can). Austin and Adam have been working on the programming of the robot. This includes going through the written libraries that the robot came with and combining that code with code they have written.


Bryan has been working on the camera functionality. Using a freeware program called Dorgem, he can now grab a still picture from the camera and import it to Matlab where Rob can do his image processing on the picture. He has also help Rob with performing tests. Rob has finally finished up his Matlab code and is ready to convert it to C++. He was able to determine an equation to figure out how far the can is from the robot. He has also been able to determine the angle as to which the robot must turn so the can will be aligned with the center of the robot. Austin and Adam are still programming the robot. They are now able to make maps of the environment with help from Mapviewer. They are also now able to have the robot follow a right wall. Obstacle avoidance in the front has also been accomplished by the two


Bryan has been working on the communication aspect. Utilizing the Ad hoc mode of the wireless card, he obtain a max range of 70 feet for communication between 2 laptops. He is also researching UDP Multicasting so he can implement that with the C++ code. Rob is still trying to convert Matlab to C++. Austin and Adam are having some mapping issues. Apparently they mixed up radians and degrees. They fixed that and now the maps are prettier than ever!


Bryan had gotten the UDP Multicasting to work and communicate correctly. He can now send and recieve data between 2 laptops. He is currently reseaching string splitting and how to append data so he can create the text file needed for mapping. Rob has had no luck with the Matlab conversion. He is scraping that idea and going to try to have C++ and Matlab communicate with each other. Austin and Adam have been fine tuning the obstacle avoidance and mapping. The maps look good, but some issues were crossed with obstacle avoidance. With some clever coding that is now fixed!


Bryan has completed string splitting and communication. Theoretically all that he has to do is combine his code with the other code and SARA can communicare with another laptop! Rob has sucessfully linked between his Matlab code and C++. When up and running the code can see the can and tell SARA where it is located. It gives the distance to can and the angle it must turn. Austin and Adam have been putting together both Rob and their code to create an almost done SARA code. BUDDY CAN NOW BE FOUND!!


Bryan has been running tests with his communication to make sure it is 100% done. It seems as if it is flawless, so the only thing left to do is integrate. Rbo has been fine tuning the code so that SARA is more accurate when she goes to save Buddy. Austin and Adam have been fine tuning their code as well.