Fuel Injection Controller
Project Overview

The goal of the project is the development of a system to control the characteristic curves of a gasoline engine.  The controller will be placed in the BU SAE (Bradley University Society of Automotive Engineers) F1 car.  A micro-controller will be used to control such elements of the engine as timing, fuel injection sequence, and spark sequence.  The system determines the control action by sensing throttle position, manifold air pressure or mass flow rate of inlet air, exhaust oxygen levels, RPM, and inlet air temperature.  Other features include fuel pump control, revolution limiter, diagnostics, a communication port, and interchangeable EPROMs for different engine characteristics.  The controller will have two modes of operation: run and diagnostics.  LEDs will provide an indication that the system has power or has encountered an error.

 Block Diagram (Description of Systems I/O)
 System Level Block Diagram
 Technical Specifications
 Software Flow Chart

Note:  This project will not be completed until May 1999.  Project information will change without prior notice.