Acta Non Verba, "Actions, Not Words"

About me

Reiner Lintag is a senior electrical engineering student that is full of energy and passion. I live by the motto Acta Non Verba because he believes that actions speak louder than words. It is the service of good deeds to others that fuel the phrase. My vision for a greener and cleaner world are what drive me. I have recently experienced working and building wind turbines with Blattner Energy Inc. Renewable energy is what I truly believe in for a better, cleaner and sustainable future.

Why Did I Choose This Project

This project is going to change how we as humans will optimize harvesting of fish, not only that, we will be helping the enviroment too. Growing up in the northern suburbs of Chicago, IL, knowing about the problem of Asian carp in the Great Lakes have spread to Des Plaines and the Illinois Rivers. When we complete this project and have a successful implementation, I would feel that this would be a huge step on erradicating and preventing the Asian carps from spreading even further. For my part, I will be implementing an off-grid power supply for the system comprised of solar panels and portable power stations for easy mobility and relocation.