The deliverables for EE 451 are as follows:

• choose a senior capstone project for implementation in senior lab,
• develop a detailed functional description, a detailed block diagram of your project
and description of its operation,
• determine the functional requirements of your project and list its quantitative
performance specifications,
• establish a web page for your senior project,
• identify and evaluate the patents applicable to your project,
• identify and evaluate the standards applicable to your project,
• generate a bibliography for your project,
• perform productive experimental, analytical, software development, computer
simulation and research work on your proposed senior project as suggested by your
project advisor or advisors,
• prepare a written project proposal for next semester’s work,
• give an oral presentation on your project.

Our Project Documents

Functional Description and Complete System Block Diagram
Functional Requirements and Performance Specifications
Project Proposal
Project Proposal Presentation
Final Project Report
Final Project Presentation