2019 aPLANT Project Website

Designed by: Dylan McKeever, Ben Neuendorf, and Devon Simmons

About the Project

The upkeep of a small greenhouse comes with a number of issues. The smaller number of plants compared to a larger greenhouse means that smaller ones must rely on a high yield per plant rather than a high number of plants. The plants must be monitored constantly as to prevent death and to maximize output. However, plant monitoring systems can be expensive and difficult to use. The goal of this project is to implement a device called aPLANT (a Pottable Little Autonomous Nutrition Technician) that will allow for plant monitoring at a low cost. To achieve this, an ESP8266 chip will control an array of sensors to monitor the needs of each plant. The data collected from these sensors will be sent to a cloud server for easy viewing and management of the plant.