Fall Risk

Fall Risk is a device that is meant to improve the overall quality of life of both those at risk of falling, and those who are worried about family and friends falling.

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Worried about a loved one?

The Fall Risk device is developed to be worn by members of society who are at risk of falling due to age, medications, or disabilities. The device is created with the goal of being unintrusive, easy to use, and causing minimal disruption to daily routine. If the device detects a fall, it will send a notification to one or more chosen phones, including information such as where the fall occurred.

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Utilizing the TI SensorTag.


Updated algorithm for faster computing and higher accuracy and updated firmware to increase battery life.


Creating an application for caregivers to monitor their loved ones.

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With a focus on the user, the Fall Risk device will seamlessly integrate into everyday routines!

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Alanis Nash

Alanis has previously done data analysis for Caterpillar and Dell. She's a team leader on a NASA SUITS project, where she leads a team of nine interdisciplinary studens in creating a heads-up-display for astronauts. Alanis is planning to pursue a Masters Degree in Human Centered Design and Engineering at University of Washington in Seattle upon graduation.

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Francis Levins

Francis Levins has had an internship at Caterpillar and is a Teacher’s Assistant for MCU Interfacing Lab where he helps students improve their skills in debugging software and hardware. He is planning on pursuing a career in either software design or in embedded systems preferably in the Dallas area.

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