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EMG-Based Human Machine Interface



Surface Electromyography (EMG) is a non-invasive technique which records the electrical activity of muscles through electrodes placed directly on the arm. This project aims to develop an EMG-based control system. A Myo Armband, containing eight electrode pairs, wirelessly transmits EMG data to a central controller, which runs conditional logic functions to identify three different user hand gestures. The commands are used to remotely pan individual cameras and select from multiple video feeds. Our study demonstrates that EMG-based gesture control is a viable human-machine interface option for a variety of applications in the industrial, medical, and consumer markets. In the future, we see this method of gesture detection being used to control a robotic hand. The robotic hand would be set up to mimic the hand movements of the user wearing the armband.

Final Project Demonstration - April 28, 2018

Please turn on sound to hear the description of what is happening. The key points to note here are the quick response time and high accuracy.

System Flow Chart

This flowchart outlines the different modes of operations and how the system progresses through different states based on user input.


System Hardware Diagram

Below is a diagram of all of the hardware used in the complete system. More details about the hardware and overall cost can be found in our final presentation slides and report.


Other Demo Videos

Quick Demo of Working Project - April 8, 2018

This is the video we captured on the day that we first got our system to work. The code was refined slightly after this was filmed.

Demo of Servo and Camera Control - March 25, 2018

The cameras aboard Pi#1 and Pi#2 are commanded to move by Pi#3. Pi#3 also switches the displayed camera feed.

Real-Time Visualization of EMG Signals - March 03, 2018

This video shows a heat map of the eight EMG sensors in real time. As the user executes different gestures, the displayed pattern of EMG activity changes.

Preliminary Demo of Servo and Camera Control - February 26, 2018