Companies and research groups have investigated the design and implementation of systems that extract energy from wireless signals to power remote sensors.   This project involves the design and implementation of such a system operating at 5.8 GHz.  The system consists of a basic charge-pump circuit to convert the 5.8 GHz signal to low level DC.  This circuit was designed and simulated using SPICE and ADS.   The output of this stage is applied to a commercial DC to DC converter (LTC1502) to increase the output voltage of the system to 3.3V. The microstrip circuit boards were fabricated by Micro Circuits Inc. based on ADS designs and components inserted in the Bradley microwave lab.  Final testing and measurements were compared to the simulated results.

Senior Project presentation

At the end of the semester, a PowerPoint presentation was given explaing the project and all that it entailed. Click to view the PDF of the PowerPoint presentation.

Project Report

A detailed report outlining the project scope, designs, simulations, testing, and mesurements with conclusions.

Meet The team

Learn more about Mitchell Pericak and the Advisors of the Senior Project

Advisory Board / Project Expo

During the spring 2017 semester a poster board style presentation was given explaining the functions of the proect and simulated results of the board designs.


Photos from the project and events throughout the semester covering the project.