About The Project

This project is a continuation of work done by Stephen Shelton and Kate Palmer during the 2014-2015 academic year. 

Their work can be found here.

Problem Background

Martin Engineering is a small company based in Neponset, IL. They have a long history developing innovative products to move bulk materials in mining. In order to improve their current products, they want to monitor the voltage, temperature, and revolutions per minute of the motors used to run the equipment. Since Martin Engineering has a relationship with Bradley University, they decided to sponsor a senior project in the Electrical and Computer Engineering department. In the 2014 and 2015 academic year, one team worked on developing such a system. The team successfully developed a rough prototype to show the feasibility of the project.

Problem Statement

Martin Engineering and the Bradley University Electrical Engineering Department desire a cost effective modular rapid monitoring system that is broken up into two subsystems: a sensor interface system (SIS) and a gateway interface system (GIS). Once it is powered up, the SIS monitors six analog to digital channels, three accelerations from a central accelerometer, and system temperature.  Within milliseconds after power is delivered, the SIS must send the data to the GIS. The GIS then stores data received from the SIS and makes it available to users using a web server by communicating through Wi-Fi.