Linear Induction Motor

Senior Electrical Engineering Project


Linear Induction Motor on 4/28


Project Abstract

A LIM is a specific type of alternating current (AC), multiple-phase machine that creates force and movement in a linear direction. Numerous applications of LIMs can be found in industry today, one of the most notable being high speed magnetic levitation railway systems. Extensive research has been conducted to find a cost-effective and efficient way to build and test a LIM in the laboratory.The proposed LIM will be mounted on the side of a 45.72 cm diameter wheel, with the ability to turn the wheel over a specified speed range. Geometric layout and design of the stator core is the most important concept of the proposed project, because the stator design will determine completion of the overall project. Without a functional stator design the LIM would never be operational. Controllability of the LIM is another important aspect of this project, because the wheel in the laboratory cannot exceed 1100 rotations per minute (rpm) due to vibration problems. A microcontroller interface with an operator input will be used in conjunction with a speed sensor and a commercially available VFD to control the speed of the wheel.