AC System Monitoring Device

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The alternating current (AC) system monitoring device is used to monitor voltages on AC power systems. These devices are also known as programmable logic controllers (PLCs), and are used in industry for power distribution control and system automation. The AC system monitoring device will use digital processing to monitor and control AC systems. Digital processing removes the need for the traditional electro-mechanical controls used throughout industry for the last 60 years, resulting in improved system reliability.

Project Solution

The proposed solution for the AC system monitoring device will use an industrial automation controller. The device will be provided through the courtesy of Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories (SEL) to promote education and provide application experience for future electrical engineers. This device will be used to display AC voltage, AC current, and power factor. The SEL automation controller will also perform power factor correction.

The specific device provided for the project is the SEL-2411 Automation Controller. This device will adequately perform the required functions for AC system monitoring. The device can be connected to an AC power supply to power the device. Input/output cards are added to the automated controller to add the function of AC voltage monitoring, AC current monitoring, and power factor control. Additional features of the SEL controllers is that they are constructed with enclosed circuity, providing safe operation. The SEL controllers also incorporate multi-level security measures for programming to limit unauthorized access associated with modifying device settings.


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Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories Automation Controller (SEL-2411)