AC System Monitoring Device

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Fall 2015

Fig. 1. Programming the SEL-2411 for the first time.

Setting up for RL load for current monitoring
Fig. 2. Setting up first resistive and inductive load for current monitoring

Setting up additional circuitry for controlling voltage and current
Fig. 3. Setting up additional circuitry for controlling voltage and current for testing

Setting up new RL load with oscilloscope to view the waveform
Fig. 4. Setting up new RL load with 177Ω Rheostat and loading reactors as transformer resulted in nonlinear relationships. Additional oscilloscope to view the waveforms of the AC voltage and current.

Output AC voltage & current displaying to the user
Fig. 5. Displaying AC voltage & current to the user on the SEL-2411 automation controller

Spring 2016

Setup of power factor control
Fig. 6. Setting up power factor correction circuit utilizing a capacitor bank and relay control.

05 Setup
Fig. 7. Circuit setup of power factor correction control. Still troubleshooting with current distortion by power harmonics in the system.

Harmonic Filter
Fig. 8. Harmonic filter design to filter out the 7th Harmonic. This will be connected in parallel with the load.

Setup with the harmonic filter
Fig. 9. Harmonic filter setup for the test bench to control the power factor of the RL Load.

Harmonic Filter
Fig. 10. Harmonic filter design build

Fig. 11. Setup for three-phase power factor correction using DC motor to control the load torque on the three-phase motor. Harmonics on the three-phase power factor correction are less prominent and harmonic filter was not needed.

Front Screen Operation
Fig. 12. Front screen operations of the SEL-2411 Programmable Automation Controller