Formula Car Data Acquisition & Display System


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Project Proposal

Project Proposal Presentation

Progress Presentation 1    11/20/2015

Progress Presentation 2    2/25/2015

Final Presentation

Final Report


Updated as of 11/25/14

RF Communication

Completed wireless communication. Confirmed successful transmission and reception through HyperTerminal and oscilliscope readings.

Amulet Touch Screen LCD

Display layout for three separate modes (racing, practice, and demo) is completed. Serial communication is in the final stages of being completed; the customized cable was just built to connect to the microcontroller. Full functionality will be completed by date indicated on the updated schedule.

Hardware and Software Interface

Software has been written using C to setup timers and an analog to digital converter to interface with the sensors. Sensors are in the process of being ordered. Data acquisition and display system will begin to be assembled through winter break.

Labview GUI

Display layout is completed with gauges and warning system that will be received wirelessly. Serial communication protocol is setup as well as graphs to display the required values over time. Also the data logging feature will create an Excel spreadsheet that can be used to later analyze the data.

Updated as of 12/9/14


Ordering sensors before winter break. Need final meeting with mechanical engineering team to finalize sensor choices.

Hardware and Software Interface

As of now, this is ahead of schedule. Once sensors arrive, we can begin interfacing system together for testing.

Updated as of 1/27/15

Hardware and Software Interface

Combined microcontroller with Amulet LCD to test serial connectivity, oscilliscope plots show successful data transmission. Need to send data to display on Amulet LCD to confirm full functionality.

Updated as of 2/5/15

Hardware and Software Interface

Confirmed successful seral communication using UART from the ATmega128 microcontroller to the Amulet LCD.


RPM and speed sensors are confirmed and can now begin testing and interfacing. Water temperature and oil pressure sensors have been researched and can now be ordered with the correct specifcations.



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