Modular Rapid Monitoring System

Welcome to the Modular Rapid Monitoring System!

Our Goal

The goal of the Modular Rapid Monitoring System is to design a system that will allow a user to determine when industrial machines will fail. This will allow them to repair or replace the failing equipment before it causes more damage to both itself and surrounding equipment.  In order to do this it will take voltage readings from the three phase motor on the machine and calculate the phase.  The monitoring system will also measure the acceleratioin of the machine on three axes. This will allow the user to see if the motor is moving linearly as desired. The monitoring system will aslo take a tempature reading of the device occasionally in order to detect over-heating of the machinery.


This senior project is associated with Bradley Univeristy.  To go to Bradley's website click here

This senior project is also associated with Bradley University's Electrical and Computer Engineering Department. To go to their website click here