Variable Frequency AC Source

By Kevin Lemke & Matt Pasternak

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About Our Project
Variable Frequency Drives are useful in controlling the sped of induction motors. The goal of our project is to make and alternating current (AC) source using LabVIEw software and complementary hardwar from National Instruments. For this project we will use a Volts/Hertz ratio to provide variable torque and speed opperation without exceeding motor current specifications. Our source will produce a pulse-width modulated (PWM) waveform based on user frequency input. This waveform will be aplied to gate drive circuitry to amplify the signal and isolat the gate contacts from any high voltage spikes caused by the inductive nature of a motor load. These gate drivers will initially provide the input to a single IGBT half bridge array, wiht a half-bridge array of six power IGBTs, two for each phase, folling if time allows. Given time, voltage feedback for frequency and Volts/Hertz accuracy will be taken from the outputs of the Inverter.