Project Overview

Autonomous vehicles are becoming more and more common in this day and age. One method currently being used to operate these vehicles is voice-control. Voice commands are a convenient control method, but it can introduce safety risks if anyone's voice can control the robot. As such, security measures are necessary to ensure proper operation of these vehicles. One method of addressing this is through speaker verification, that is, identifying a user just by their voice. The system would only accept commands from a "master" voice or a set of approved users. This will increase the safety and reliability of the system.


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About Us

Project is being worked on by Aaron Pfalzgraf and Christopher Sullivan. Both of us are seniors in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department here at Bradley University. We chose this project because of our mutual interest in DSP and its applications in the field of audio and signal processing. Our project advisor is Assistant Professor Dr. Jose R. Sanchez.


Please see the References section in our final paper in the link above.