• Student: Hans Bethe

    Ultrasound imaging is an indispensable technology in medicine. It is frequenctly employed by doctors and medical researchers to visually examine internal organs inside human bodies to check if the organs are suffering from medical complications, infections, or bleeding. This will enable doctor to determine if medical treatments are needed to cure the diseases.

    One of the chief concerns in ultrasound imaging has been the resolution of the images. More often than not, resolution of ultrasound images is degraded by a multitude of problems such as: poor contrast between the background and the targets, blurring effect, phantom images, speckles, etc... As a result, methods for improving resolution have been constantly investigated. Two promising methods are:

    • Resolution Enhancement Compression (REC) which has the potential to enhance axial resolution
    • Synthetic Aperture Focusing Techniques (SAFT) that have the potential to enhance lateral resolution

    The goals of this project consist of:

    • Investigating REC and SAFT through literature research
    • Implementing REC and SAFT through MATLAB and GPGPU to demonstrate their effectiveness in terms of image resolution