Quadrocopter Flight Control


The goal of Quadrocopter Flight Control is to implement digital remote control for a quadrocopter with an aerial collision avoidance system. The quadrocopter is controlled semi-autonomously using a Linux microcontroller (LUC) running collision avoidance algorithm, and interfaced to wireless communication system.  The LUC utilizes an Atmel microprocessor to interface to the array of infrared distance sensors and a flight stabilizing controller that is built in into the quadrocopter.  A computer controlled by a remote operator sends commands wirelessly to the on-board LUC.  This controller alters these commands as necessary to avoid colliding with nearby objects using the data from the infrared sensors.  The distances from the infrared sensors is continuously adjusted to account for the tilt of the quadrocopter.  To prevent accidents if the wireless connection is lost, the quadrocopter is capable of stabilizing the flight and an emergency landing.  A successful system was implemented but couldn’t do any flight testing in limited time.