Control of Halbach Array Magnetic Levitation System Height





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By:  Dirk DeDecker and Jesse VanIseghem

Advisors:  Dr. Winfred Anakwa and Mr. Steven Gutschlag

Project Description

A few laboratory scale rotary track Halbach array magnetic levitation systems were built as senior projects in the past few years. A levitation height of approximately 0.45 mm was achieved at rotary track tangential velocity of 26 m/sec, which is 58.24 mph. An improved laboratory scale Halbach array magnet system and a rotary inductrack will be designed to achieve increased levitation height at lower rotary speed. A DC motor will be used to rotate the track, causing the system to be levitated above the rotary track. Using displacement and force sensors, the levitation height and the levitation force produced will be measured as the speed of the track is varied. After successful levitation, the system will be set up with closed loop control. This will allow the motor velocity to be controlled to cause the desired levitation height.

A video of testing of our maglev system can be viewed here.