Vision-Based Autonomous Security Robot


The Project

____Computer vision is defined as making useful decisions about real physical objects and scenes based on sensed images. Humans generally take the details of eyesight and the amount of information naturally derived from sight for granted. Machine vision incorporates artificial (not necessarily intelligent) systems with image processing systems. The design of this project is to develop an autonomous vehicle with computer vision its primary sensor for gaining information about its environment.
____For most intelligent machines (vehicles) the capability of understanding the visual world is a prerequisite. Typically autonomous vehicles have many different types of sensors all operating simultaneously. This project will use a camera (such as a webcam) for navigation and obstacle avoidance as well as other tasks the robot must perform.
____Applications for this type of technology are numerous. This particular design will be used as a security robot. At the most complex level this autonomous vehicle will receive a signal indicating that a disturbance in a particular room has been discovered. The Vision-Based Autonomous Security Robot (VBASR) will then travel to that room and investigate, taking pictures of any culprits that it locates there. After the task has been completed it will return to its charging station.

The Designer - Kevin Farney

____I am a student at Bradley University and will graduate with a BS in Electrical Engineering and a minor in Math in May 2010.

The Advisor - Dr. Joel Schipper

____ Joel Schipper's Faculty Website