Ultrasound Speckle Reduction

after Coded Excitation and Pulse Compression

Homogeneous Mask Area Filter

The homogeneous mask area filter makes use of a subwindow that moves through its main window to asses the most homogeneous region within that main windowed region.  The mean of the most homogeneous region is then evaluated as the true value of the region.

Below:  CP ultrasound of a 12 mm target at +6 dB from the background.  Bottom is the homogeneous mask area filter using a main window size of 7x7 with a subwindow size of 5x5 applied to an eREC-FC ultrasound image of the same target.  Bottom shows the filter's effects on the CP image in an overlaid manner.


homog mask

homog mask despeckling


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Homogeneous Mask Area Results