Setup an access point in Jobst Hall 3rd Floor and ran a demo of our potential field algorithm. The video of this demo can be found here. The IR sensors and metal detectors are finished and mounted on the robot. This project is now successfully completed.

Finished setting up server framework. Server can now switch between modes, set goal coordinates, perform manual/joystick override, save map files, and view all robots. Also implemented a webcam on robot agent for server viewing during joystick override or any other mode.

Created a poster for the Bradley Expo which can be found under the deliverables tab. Presentation will be April 9th.

Continued working on server setup with Dr. Malinowski. Server now had modes of operation partially setup along with joystick full running (server side) in its own separate thread.

Continued working on server setup with Dr. Malinowski. Server can now retreive and save a map, as well as list all robots available with ID numbers, x coorinates, y coordinates, theta, and time stamp.

Applied to the Bradley Expo and started working on server setup.

Began work on setting up force feedback control on our joystick.

Developed an automatic method for getting the potential field algorithm out of local minimas. Also gave a status update presentation for our project which can be found under the deliverables tab.

Finished potential field on the fly method that will replace our old potential field algorithm. Working on setting up force feedback for our Logitech Force 3D Pro Joystick.

Reconfigured project code to work with multicast framework and setup a user interface where users can access various modes. Also, took joystick code out of individual modes and placed it in main user interface.

Potential field path planning is now working. Click on the pictures tab to see possible outputs.

Wall following algorithm is now complete. Upgraded to Visual Studio 2008 and MobileSim 0.5.0. Working on pontential field path planning technique.

Pathfinding has now been completed using the grassfire approach. Improving wall following algorithm is still being worked on.

Environment mapping has now been completed along with joystick override on the robot. A metal detector kit has successfully been put together and more kits are currently being ordered.

Lab Notebook

For more detailed information on the progress of this project, view our electronic lab notebook.

Note: Only those with authorized access will be able to view our notebook.

Multi Robot Navigation and Mapping for Combat Environment · Scott Tipton & Nick Halabi