This is the homepage for the 2008-2009 Robotic Delivery System(RDS) with Simultaneous Localization and Mapping(SLAM) Senior Capstone Project.

The Robotic Delivery System with SLAM will be using the pioneer p3dx platform. Upon receiving the command signal from a user's laptop, the robot will use Wi-Fi signal strengths and onboard sensors to travel to the user and deliver an object.

The initial prototype has been completed. The robot successfully maps the environment in a grid format, receives a remote call from the user, finds where the user is based on Wi-Fi information, generates a potential field, navigates that potential field, and delivers an object within .5 meters.

Update Log

The progress page contains all updates to the actual system progression.

Final Presentation and Video have been added. More here.

Sensor mount pictures added.

Progress report presentation slides added. More here.

3 Deliverables added. More here.

Minor content updates.

The project website is updated.

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RDS w/ SLAM Team · Boyd & Elmer & Faber