Senior Project 2008

Ultra Wideband Distributed Amplifier

Project Summary

Ultra Wideband (UWB) communication is used for large bandwidth, low power, data transmission over a short distance.  It is fundamentally different from other techniques because it uses extremely narrow Radio Frequency (RF) pulses to communicate between transmitters and receivers. UWB wireless transmission standard was approved for unlicensed use in 2002. This allows us to transfer data at high rate over a short distance. UWB can transfer much greater data as long as the distance is a couple meters or less.

This project entails the usage of a low noise amplifier (LNA) with the topology of a distributed amplifier. The component fits on the receiver end of the UWB system, amplifying the incoming signal and rejecting all forms of external interference.








March 13th, 2008

Our designs for the half and full coplanar waveguide has been completed and been submitted to Cunningham Graphics for fabrication process. We are also preparing now for the Student Exposition.

February 21st 2008

The project has been trucking along making decent progress in the past few weeks. We have designed a coplanar waveguide which we are going to use to test out our transistor. We also have been working on our final schematic design of our amplifier. It should ready for fabrication and testing by the end of March.