Bradley University

Traffic Sign Recognition

Senior Project

Jacob Carlson and Sean St. Onge

Advisor Thomas L. Stewart

Image processing has a wide range of real-world applications from fruit harvesting to autonomous vehicles and beyond.  The aim of this project is to create a MATLAB program that will identify a stop sign in various backgrounds and lighting conditions from static digital images.  This processing could then output information to a theoretical autonomous vehicle, heads-up display, or other driver assistance device in the future. The software first uses color processing techniques to isolate relevant color data (red intensity) from the image.  A variety of MATLAB Image Processing Toolbox commands are used to threshold, filter, detect edges, and further process the image.  Morphological processing algorithms are applied in order to remove non-pertinent data and isolate the stop sign.  Shape detection is used to determine if a stop sign is present in the current image (if any).  Finally, any relevant sign is highlighted and output to the screen.

Senior Project Deliverables:

Functional Description and Complete Block Diagram
Functional Requirements List and Performance Specifications
Senior Project Proposal Document
Senior Project Proposal Presentation Slides
Presentation Outline
Final Presentation
                                            Final Report