Final Presentation. Not too much progress made since started working on final report. Attempted to make objects move when touched at their surface, but not successful.


Working on final report draft and template to provide for next year.


Presented poster and demonstrated at Student Exposition.


First oral presentation. Went Well.


Created a 3D plane model with an invisible sphere in the center to represent a "lump" where users could feel around and look for it. I think this will make for a good demonstration for the student expo.


Could not create a graphical interface for the layer/sphere design described on 2/26. With the student exposition moving closer, I'm going to start working on graphics I can create to show some of the capabilities of the device.

2/26 & 2/28/08

I went back and looked at some other sample programs. I was able to add the layer developed earlier on top of a sphere. Then when the user scrolls over the layer in front of the sphere, the force output = force of sphere + force of layer. Now you can press through the first layer and feel a well defined sphere. The further in you press, the harder the force.

2/14 & 2/19

No new additions - still trying to make some progress. I did however, recreate two planes (one soft and one firm) with this new process.

2/12/08 - Map out points

Still working on applying forces to certain ranges of positions. The device isn't cooperating well with this process. I tried to create a cube and the planes are just not as 'clean' as they should be.

2/7/08 - Map out points

My advisor gave me a new suggestion: If I can get position data from the device, like where it is in it's own environment, then I can set forces to be at certain locations. Maybe set a force at -20 < x < 0, for example. Today I worked on trying it out.

2/5/08 - Graphics

I was able to apply some graphics to the two spheres I created, but the graphics just weren't helping with the ultimate goal of pressing through the first layer and feeling the second. So instead I decided to work more on the code for the two layers.

1/24/08 - Re-established virtual environment

Made sure that everything working before break still works. Not much progress today.

12/4/07 - Phase 1 Progress

Was able to define two vertical planes, one soft and one firm. The haptic device can press through the first and feel the second. Next step is to do the same with spheres. 

12/4/07 - Website Launch

Thank you for visiting. This website is currently under construction.