Low Carbon Footprint Hybrid Battery Charger

Henry David Thoreau

"First, there is the power of the wind, constantly exerted over the globe… Here is an almost incalculable power at our disposal, yet how trifling the use we make of it."


Nov 13, 2007

Buck-Boost Topology References Used for Component Calculations
  • TI Buck-Boost Design Reference
  • Excel file showing Component Calculations

  • Renewable Energy Information
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  • U.S. Department of Energy- U.S. Wind Energy Potential
  • Advanced Energy Group- North America Solar Power Map
  • Advanced Energy Group- Solar Insolation for U.S. Major Cities

  • Component Information
  • National Semiconductor Battery Charging

  • Component Documentation
  • Mobile Lead Acid Battery Datasheet
  • Stationary Ni-Cd Battery Datasheet
  • Stationary Ni-MH Battery Datasheet
  • 54W Photovoltaic Module Datasheet
  • 400W Wind Turbine Datasheet

  • Relevant Standards
  • NSSN
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