Guitar Effects Generator using DSP

By: Alex Czubak and Gorav Raheja
Advisor: Dr. Thomas L. Stewart


        This project deals with the creation of sound effects through manipulation of an audio signal from a guitar. The signal is processed through a digital signal processor that contains a number of digital filters to modify the signal to include the desired effects. The altered signal is then sent to a guitar amplifier as audio. There are a total of eight guitar effects that can be processed: Distortion, Reverberation, Delay/Echo, Octaver, Volume Envelope, Chorus, Flanger, and Phase Shifter. These effects are controlled by a graphical user interface, allowing the user to select which effects are active and to what degree.


Project Documents

Functional Description - Description and preliminary high-order block diagram

Functional Requirements - Requirements for the project and its components

Project Proposal - Proposal and scope of the project

Proposal Presentation Slides - Presentation of the project proposal

Guitar Effects Processor Using DSP – Project Update - Update of Project with up-to-date schedule

Final Project Presentation - Presentation of the overall project

Project Paper - Paper of overall project

Alex Alex        Gorav Gorav

MOV00033.MPG - Real-time implementation of Delay

MOV00034.MPG - Real-time implementation of Distortion






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