Ultra-Wideband Research and Implementation

Bradley University
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Design Team: Nathan Gove and Jarrod Cook
Advisors: Dr. Brian Huggins, Dr. In Soo Ahn, Dr. Prasad Shastry

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The Ultra Wideband (UWB) Research and Implementation project is centered around a new wireless data communication method which will revolutionize the way high-speed multimedia devices communicate with each other. UWB is beneficial because, as the title suggests, the bandwidth of spectrum is extremely large compared to conventional narrow-band communication systems. This allows very high data rates. Furthermore, the power spectral density of a UWB transmission is so low that it will not interfere with other wireless devices.

The goal of the project is to research the theory behind UWB transmissions, and to complete a scaled-down UWB transceiver.  This scaled-down version will be a basic wireless communications system using Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM).  Since OFDM is one of the main modulation methods used to generate UWB signals, getting a basic transceiver to work using this approach will give future capstone projects the opportunity to continue working on the system.

This project was sponsored by Northrop Grumman