DC Motor-Clutch-Generator

Control Workstation

Simon Benik & Adam Olson







            The goal of this senior capstone project is to create a control workstation for a DC motor-clutch-generator system.  The workstation will consist of the DC motor-clutch-generator system, a Simulink modeling of the system including a real time user interface for simulation, and a microcontroller subsystem for control of the DC motor-clutch-generator system.

The control objectives will be to control velocity, acceleration, torque, and possibly more parameters of the motor operation with multiple control theory methods.  The motor will be coupled to a variable load DC generator which will serve as disturbance to the motor control system.  Coupling between the DC motor and the DC generator will be attained by the use of an electrically controlled clutch.  The goal is to implement the controller on the EMAC 80515 development board while using C as the primary programming language. 

Simulink modeling will include a model of the entire system, including a nonlinear modeling of the DC motor, the clutch coupling and DC load generator modeling, the controller modeling, and the sensor feedback.  Control command signals will be user selectable through a keypad or joystick.  Additional methods, including a serial interface between the microcontroller and Simulink may be considered for using the microcontroller generated command signal.  Also, a serial interface between the microcontroller and Matlab will be used to capture data from the system and upload it to Simulink for data analysis rather than using an oscilloscope.