Catheter Guidewire Control System



5-16-07 - Added Final Presentation as well as Final Report.

3-1-07 - Added our most recent update presentation.


In surgical operations that require the use of a catheter, multiple guidewires must be used in order to direct the catheter through the patient’s arteries.  The goal of this project is to eliminate the need for different guidewires and to add precision control to the guidewire itself.  Also, the surgeon will be able to control the guidewire from a remote location simply by viewing the patient through a camera.  Control will be implemented using a joystick interfaced with Simulink using RS-232 as an output.  This will drive the controller board that will run two stepper motors.  These stepper motors will be used for lateral motion and guidewire advancement.  A voltage reactive polymer will be used for precision tip control.