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Autonomous Vehicle Navigation Using Stereoscopic Imaging
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Project Proposal
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This capstone project is an integrated hardware-software system that autonomously navigates a mobile platform through a terrain using stereoscopic imaging, which is the same technique used by the Mars rovers, Spirit and Opportunity.  Stereoscopic imaging allows 3D information to be extracted from images obtained by two cameras.  The system utilizes color correlation to determine the shift index between corresponding pixels of an image set. The software then uses this data to calculate the distance from the platform to the obstacles using the pinhole model for the cameras.  Finally, control signals are generated, based on this distance information, to move the platform through the terrain without collisions. 







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Adam Beach
Nick Wlaznik


Dr. Huggins
Dr. Stewart


Week 4/23:
This is the last week for work on the project. The rest of the semester will be spent composing the final report and preparing for the presentation.