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Self-Mapping Mobile Robot Capstone Project

Stephanie Luft
Advisor: Dr. Aleksander Malinowski
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Bradley University


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Dr. Malinowski's Website
GuideBot Project 2005
ECE Department
Bradley University
Contact: Stephanie Luft

The goal of the MapBot project is to develop a robot that can:
  • Map its environment
  • Locate itself on the map
  • Orient itself and navigate within its environment

This project branches off of the GuideBot Project of 2005 by John Hathaway and Dan Leach. The robotic platform, an ActivMedia Pioneer 2, is the same. However, a significant amount of additional hardware and other modifications are being made.

The primary focus for the first semester was finding a new sensor for measuring distance. The GuideBot project team ran into some issues with the accuracy of the ultrasonic sensors available on the robot, and so for MapBot, I'll be using a laser distance meter. This has been a more challenging task than originally anticipated, as there are few sensors that meet the requirements for cost, weight, power, accuracy, and computer interface. Work continues in this area.

During the second semester, areas of focus include the software development, particularly the mapping, locating, and navigating algorithms, complete integration of all hardware, software testing, and preparation for the senior expo and project presentation. For all of the latest information, check the Weekly Updates.