April 27th, 2004: Lab Day 13 Semester 2

Where: Jobst 248

What got done:

Today we worked mainly on our final report. It is about 90% complete but still missing a data sheet that I hope to complete later this evening. The highlight of the day was the second solar test. Today it was quite sunny which allowed for a great test. The bug ran under full sun quite well without batteries. There is video of this on the video page. Other than that I took a few measurements for current and weight and that wrapped up the day. At this point all of the hardware objectives save for the IR receiver was implemented successfully. The IR components were designed theoretically but were never actually built. Even so I am pleased that all primary systems worked. The software worked under artificial simulation but with our reoccurring A/D problem we were never able to use all the modes we had intended.

This log is some what special because it is the last log that will be posted. Today was the last day that we are able to work in lab. Thus there will be no continuation on the project by us. The final reports and presentations will be posted before the end of the year.

To future people that work on this project. Hopefully we have documented what we have done adequately to make the project easy to continue. We tried to provide a comprehensive base for future more complicated projects. Good luck to you and those that come after.