March 23rd, 2004: Lab Day 8 Semester 2

Where: Jobst 248

What got done:

The motor control hardware is done. It is nicely wire wrapped to a board with pin headers for the motor outputs and the control lines. The motors motors have leads soldered to them that end in a nice plug end and there is a plug wired that will ultimately lead to the microcontroller. The system was tested with batteries and without them using a power supply and they all seem to be working fine. The software is progressing and is near completion. I would like to test the entire system together next tuesday.

What needs doing:

We need to do speed up our efforts if we are to have a working prototype before the expo. We need to have all of the wire wrapped boards mounted onto the bug and the microcontroller tested with the rest of the circuitry. We also need contact switches mounted and interfaced. Then I'm sure we have scores of testing and verification to do but that can be done after the expo.