Project Log

February 17th, 2004: Lab Day 4 Semester 2

Where: Jobst 248

What got done:

Today the motor control system was finished. Using a MAX4614 analog switch we were able to connect a 6V source to each mosfet on the hbridge using a 3V control signal. This theoretically is now ready to be implemented on the bug pending some durability and stability testing. The system was tested with the actually motors that will be used and everything seems to be working properly. On the microcontroller side the A/D converter has been ordered and will hopefully be here by next week. The A/D subroutine has been written and work has begun on all basic movement subroutines. With any luck we will have all the basic subroutines done by next week. We have heard nothing as to the whereabouts of our solar panels but we did get the voltage regulators that we will be using to build the power supply.

What needs doing:

If we get our panels in before next week along with the A/D converter we can start physically building the robot. I have plan to make the construction very fast and easy to do but I need to run to a hardware store and look at some other options. The main things that need to get done next week is the finalization of the motor assemblies and associated electronics, IR component design, and all of the associated software for the bug. I'd like to have a moving bug in 3 to 4 weeks leaving us just enough time to debug the system. With any luck we will succeed.