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Chipcon CC1010
SourceForge.net: TinyOS
Bradley ECE Projects 2003

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What is it?

WISENET stands for Wireless Sensor Network. This is a senior Electrical Engineering design project at Bradley University. The Student team has two members: David Patnode, Joseph Dunne. Development of Wisenet is done. Wisenet is completely operational in its current state. Check out the Downloads section to get the source and distribution files of Wisenet.

  Wisenet is the first-prize winner of the 2003 Student Expo at Bradley University.
Check out the Pictures section to see some images from the expo.

So what does it do?

In a nutshell, it's a system of battery-powered sensor modules (aka motes using TinyOS) that communicate with each other over a low-power RF link. They observe humidity, light, and temperature data. They then transmit this data to a gateway mote, which is connected to a PC. The PC receives all of the environmental data and stores it in a mySQL database. A user can then access this data via a web browser, which connects to a web server which calls a web program to retrieve and analyze the raw data.

For a better description, check out the Downloads - Documentation section for files that describe the system in much more detail!