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Chipcon CC1010
SourceForge.net: TinyOS
Bradley ECE Projects 2003

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  Wisenet CC1010 Addon Module Datasheet (pdf)  [Filesize = 83 KB]
Description: Description of addon printed circuit board developed for the CC1010 evaluation module with wisenet specific sensors.

  Wisenet Abstract (pdf)  [Filesize = 36 KB]
Description: Abstract of Wisenet, Wireless Sensor Network

  Fall 2002 Project Proposal (pdf)  [Filesize = 215 KB]
Description: The final copy of the project proposal, submitted December 2002

  Fall 2002 Project Presentation (ppt)  [Filesize = 382 KB]
Description: Powerpoint presentation of project proposal and initial design strategy

  Fall 2002 Wisenet Functional Description (pdf)  [Filesize = 136 KB]
Description: Description of overall system and some high-level operational description.

  Fall 2002 System and Subsystem Block diagrams (pdf)  [Filesize = 137 KB]
Description: Description of lower level system components.

  Spring 2003 Spring review presentation (ppt)  [Filesize = 813 KB]
Description: Update of progress and timeline.

  Spring 2003 Final Presentation (ppt)  [Filesize = 788KB]
Description: Final Presentation of Wisenet. During this presentation Wisenet was partially operational (Temperature and Humidity working, but not light)

  Spring 2003 Final Report (pdf)  [Filesize = 788KB]
Description: Final Report of Wisenet. At the time of writing of this document, Wisenet was completely operational with some small bugs.
  Wisenet product development and marketing plan (pdf)  [Filesize = 524 KB]
Description: Document containing costs analysis and possible marketing strategy.

Source Code
  TinyOS 1.0.0 (link)   [Filesize = 4.44MB]
Description: TinyOS 1.0.0 nesC code official release

  TinyOS (revised for Wisenet)   [Filesize = 409 KB]
Description: This tarball contains my changes to the TinyOS 1.0.0 code to be used with our hardware platform (Chipcon CC1010 8051 based microcontroller with our CC1010 Add-on sensor Module.

  nesC + Keil Preprocessor Tools   [Filesize = 5 KB]
Description: This tarball contains my changes to the nesC v1.0 source code, as well as our custom "post-pre-processor" to produce Keil-compatible source code. See the readme.txt in the tinyos-1.x/tools/keil directory for more information

  Printed Circuit Board Layout for CC1010 Addon Module rev1   [Filesize = 51 KB]
Description: This zip file contains

  Printed Circuit Board Layout for CC1010 Addon Module rev2   [Filesize = 158 KB]
Description: This zip file contains

  WiseDB   [Filesize = 1.13 MB]
Description: Server-side software to relay information from motes to SQL database through an RS-232 serial connection. Receives data from the motes and enters it into the SQL database through an API called MySQL++.

  GWsim   [Filesize = 162 KB]
Description: Gateway mote simulator for testing WiseDB with a COM1 - COM2 loopback connection. Simulates data extracted from the motes and passes data to the serial port.
  Wisenet Web interface source   [Filesize = 22 KB]
Description: Web interface for Wisenet.
  Wisenet SQL database sql import file   [Filesize = 45 KB]
Description: This zip file contains an sql file that can be used by phpMyAdmin to create the table structure required by Wisenet on a MySQL server.