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Download any of the EquipRD! project deliverables by clicking on its link. All non-PDF files are compressed; you will need a Zip utility to decompress them. If you have the Acrobat Reader plug-in for Internet Explorer, clicking on the download links will bring the document up in the browser window. To download the files for offline viewing, right-click on the link and select "Save As..."

Download EquipRD! Functional Description (Acrobat PDF, 76 KB)
Download EquipRD! Block Diagram (Acrobat PDF, 81 KB)
Download EquipRD! Project Proposal (Acrobat PDF, 103 KB)
Download EquipRD! Final Report (Acrobat PDF, 84 KB)

Download EquipRD! Fall 2002 Project Presentation (Compressed PowerPoint Presentation, 28 KB / 260 KB)
Download EquipRD! Design Review Presentation (Compressed PowerPoint Presentation, 18 KB / 68 KB)
Download EquipRD! Spring 2003 Final Presentation (Compressed PowerPoint Presentation, 27 KB / 94 KB)

YES! You CAN have your very own copy of EquipRD!'s shameless promotional literature! Download the propaganada today.

Download EquipRD! "Propaganda" (Acrobat PDF, 128KB)