Design of a Control Workstation for
Controller Algorithm Testing

Dave Tastsides and Aaron Mahaffey
Bradley University Electrical andComputer Engineering
Advisor: Dr. GaryDempsey

Project Overview:


Two control workstations are currently available at Bradley University forcontroller algorithm development and testing.  The systems areprovided by Quanser Consulting at a cost of $5,000 a piece.  Inaddition, each Quanser system requires a PC with an internal A/D and D/Aconverter with a cost of approximately $2,000.  The goal ofthe project is to design a similar system with an 8051 8-bitmicrocontroller.  A combination  of hardware and software is used toimplement the new design.  The user inputs the appropriate controlleralgorithm through a keypad and LCD.  Currently, functionality for a P orPI controller is provided by the microcontroller system.  The final costof the microcontroller system is $400 with a total cost savings of approximately$6,600.

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Final Report                             Final Simulink Model                Pittman DC Motor                    Dave Tastsides
Final Presentation                     Final Software Code                                                                 Aaron Mahaffey