Climate Monitoring Web Interface using 1-Wire™ Standard Sensors



Project Deliverables

Hardware Selection


Climate Monitoring Interface


Imad Hoteit and Hassan Wehbe


Dr. Aleksander Malinowski

Dr. James H. Irwin Jr.



The objective of this project is to develop, interface, and manage a network of 1-Wire™ sensors in the ECE wing of the Jobst building.  The current network utilizes light, temperature and humidity sensors.  The network is interfaced to a computer using an embedded microprocessor system (HA-5 adapter from Point Six, Inc.) and server software that queries the network, discovers connected sensors and stores the measurements in a database.  From the user side, the database is interfaced using an applet written in Java and CGI scripts.  Both the most recent values displayed on the top of a floor layout as well as the individual history for a selected sensor can be displayed.