Welcome to our Capstone Project Page!

Hello there!

We are the two brave souls taking on this project (Ramona C. on the left and Erin C. on the right). The Sonar Guided Autonomous vehicle is our last project as Seniors in Electrical Engineering at Bradley University. May can't get here quick enough!

Last year during one of our Junior labratory assignments we designed a hardware circuit using an ultrasonic transducer. It was this experience that convinced us that the transducer would be suitable as our 'guidance' intrument for the vehicle. See the links on the left for a complete description of our project.

Yes, this is our vehicle. We are the third team of Seniors to make an autonomous vehicle using this toy jeep. The first year's the team utilized GPS. Last year's team implemented Image Processing. Erin and I are going to use ultrasonic sonar transmitters/receivers.