The Good News, The Bad News, and The Ugly News



    May 7th, 2002 -- Beginning final update for the project.  Final integration is almost done.  Image processing is working and pictures are being uploaded.

    January 27, 2002 -- We are back from break and working on the project.  Current work is focused on the stepper motor control for the camera, and the PWM generation for the motor.  The software being written is the TWIN interface driver and supporting classes.  We are slowly ramping up to the amount of work we would like to get done during a week.

     December 1, 2001 -- Update website with current work and pictures.  In addition the lab work updates have been added, and new website designs are being considered.

     November 10, 2001 --  Updated today includes members, pictures, research, and controls.  Research is being put up after a while since it was initially conducted.  In addition, a program for simulating our system is in development and a page has been dedicated to it.  The code and program will be made available as soon as possible.

     October 27, 2001 -- Updated website for proposed release to internet.  Added more preliminary content.  Future updates will add more detailed stuff to our website whereas right now we are finishing cosmetic changes to the web.

     October 1, 2001 --  Website started and preliminary research into project has begun.  


October 27,  2001