Senior Project 2002

Hamming Code Error Detector/Decoder

By:  Jennifer Dilliner & Melissa DePriest
Advisor:  Dr. Vinod Prasad



Functional Description
Complete Block Diagram
Project Paper
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     - System I/O
     - Complete System
     - Subsystem I/O
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Recent Work

Project Proposal

This chip will accept a seven-bit code word and determine if the signal contains any errors. If an error is detected, a signal will be sent back to request that the code word be resubmitted. If no errors are detected, the code word will be decoded and the four-bit information word will appear on the output pins.

First, this circuit will be designed on the gate level in Logic Works. A three by seven matrix will be used in the decoding process, so we will be utilizing matrix addition and multiplication to analyze the information. After the design is finished and testing at the gate level is complete, we will minimize the design using VLSI and VHDL for implementation on a single chip.