Functional Description:

This is a brief description of the original intent of this project. It includes state flow diagram, modes of operations and system inputs and outputs. The functional description was originally created in MS Word XP then converted to HTML and cleaned up by Macromedia Dreamweaver.


System Block Diagram/Software Flow Diagram

This the Flow diagram included in the Functional Description only expanded to include subsystems. Again created with MS Word XP and cleaned up by Macromedia Dreamweaver.


Project Proposal Presentation

Powerpoint presentation of project intentions 12/11/01. Best viewed with Internet Explorer and a machine which has a copy of PowerPoint 97 or newer. However Netscape and other browsers may work.



simple early datasheet with list of inputs and outputs to the user, as well as a few ideas for verifying completion of goals.


Standards and Patents

List of the standards and patents that apply to this project.


Final Project Proposal

Final document which combines many of earlier deliverables. This is meant to be an outline of the general concepts and even some details as to the goals of this project.


Progress Report #1

This powerpoint presentation is a required portion of the senior project designed to gauge the students progress as compared to the initial timeline set forth. This was created with PowerPoint XP and is likely best viewed with Internet Explorer...darn Microsoft (ask me about activation...grrr).