NEW! April 19th
The Java applet is now functional as well. You can use the Networked Home Theater by clicking on the Applet button and the Listen button above. To listen to the broadcast you need to have Winamp or Realaudio installed on your computer. For more details on the streaming audio please visit

NEW! April 17th
The Java server is functional. This means that the entire project is in very short grasp. I am currently able to telnet into the Java server and control the CD Player. I have set up a ShoutCast server to stream the audio over the internet.

NEW! March 29
The microprocessor code has been completed. I am now able to send S-Link information from the computer to the CD player, and vice versa. This means that the Java client will be functional with a short amount of time!

The Networked Home Theater Applet has been started. Check it out using the above link. It is not yet connected to any servers though. It has no functional use for now. When it does, I'll post about it here.

The Networked Home Theater is a senior project designed and built by Jeff Patrick. I am a Senior Electrical Engineer at Bradley University. My homepage is at You can reach me by e-mail at

The Networked Home Theater is a hardware and software system to connect Sony home theater components to a PC. The components(TV, CD-Player, VCR, etc.) will be controllable from either the PC or it can be set up as a server, and be controlled from anywhere on the internet. If your Networked Home Theater is set up to run over the internet, you will have the option of running a chat server and allowing the general public to control the commands sent to the system.

If all goes well, the CD-Player module will be able to perform CDDB lookups. A CDDB lookup is a method of retrieving information about the current compact disc playing in the cd-player. The information consists of disc name, track name, and artist information.


The purpose of the Networked Home Theater is more of an academic learning process. By interfacing the CD-Player to a PC and then coding both servers and client applets, I am learning much about communications as well as touching up my programming skills. In an ideal world, I will market and sell this product over the internet, reaping the benefits and basking in the limelight. Realistically, I will make one model for the Bradley University EE department, and probably one for myself. The biggest drawback at the present moment is cost. The development board that I am using costs over $300 dollars at the moment. That board has a lot of extra features that I do not use.


The Networked Home Theater should be in a functional stage by the end of March 2001, and should have a nice GUI by the end of April. I plan to present this project at the Student Exposition at Bradley University, where I will win 1st place.


That's what the rest of this web site is for! Check it out!