Software Sega CD Simulator

Added final report.

Updated website with spring semester information.

Updated the website. Please beware that it is preliminary and more information will be brought online as it becomes available.


Course Documents       This page contains downloadable PDF files of the paper work submitted for the EE419/EE451/EE452 (Senior Lab/Senior Project) course.

Senior Project Development Log       This page contains informal development information for the Senior Project. It is not intended to be a substitute for the lab notebook records, but rather exists as a convenient method for informal monitoring of the project's status.

Progress Demos       This page is a running collection of demonstrative results of the Senior Project. It does not contain specific information.

Time Log       This page contains the time log of programming activity for the Senior Project. It does not contain specific information regarding the project's progress or current status.

Patents       This page contains patent information applicable to the project.

Standards and APIs       This page contains standards and API information applicable to the project.

Old Development Log       This document informally details the development of the software prior to the beginning of the senior project. The senior project itself is one "mere" phase of development of this piece of software. This information is shown only for completeness. Nothing in this document specifically pertains to the Senior project itself.