RISC I/O Design

by Eric Schultz
Under the advisement of
Dr. Vinod Prasad.

This is a simple web site which documents the progress of the design of the structure and implementation of the I/O subsystems utilized in a colabrative RISC processor design. Ok, so maybe it's not that simple. However I am keeping the web site simple.

What follows is a list of links to project deliverables. Soon I will update it with a running log of progress... (I just have to figure out the .htaccess file structure again.)

Well here they are:
(11/8/00) Prelimanary Proposal
(11/14/00) Block level Diagrams
(11/24/00) Proposal
(12/5/00) Proposal Presentation

To contact me simply send e-mail to:paradxum@hotmail.com