Project Description

PROJECT TITLE: SAE Formula Car Display System

PROJECT ADVISORS: Steve Gutschlag & Dr. Winfred Anakwa

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Senior Electrical Engineering project, Fall 1999 - Spring 2000

This project is designed with practicality in mind with a goal to have the system ready for use on the car at the race in Detriot in May of 2000.

Sensors measuring axle speed will be outfitted to the car, one on each rear axle -- two so that things like slippage can be detected. Another sensor will measure engine speed. Once the information about axle speed and engine shaft speed is obtained, in conjunction with transmission gear ratios, the engaged gear can be determined. 0-60 acceleration time will also be calculated through the use of the axle speed sensor. A central microcontroller will be used for data acquisition and calculation of performance specs. The microcontroller will also be used to display the data on an electroluminescent display (EL/LCD). The three things that will be displayed on the LCD are:
1) Engine speed (electronic tachometer)
2) 0-60 acceleration time (calculated)
3) Transmission gear engaged

LEDs can also be implemented to display transmission gear engaged. These LEDs can be mounted in the driver's helmet for quick reading. The estimated deadline for this project is April 1, 2000 so that the system can be ready and guaranteed for operation for the formula car race in Detriot in May.