Memo: Telerobotics Project

Project members:
  John Kiolbasa
  Rob Harding
  Jon Kujanski
  Greg Harmon

  Dr. Aleksander Olek Malinowski

  Dr. Brian D. Huggins

Project description:
  Specify and purchase two robots which will be controlled by a computer receiving commands from Internet based clients at any point on the internet. Each robot will be a rugged terrain vehicle equipped with a camera for visual feedback, an RF transceiver for communication with the computer controller and an onboard computer for interpreting commands from the controller. The computer controller will have an RF transceiver, an Internet connection, an additional camera for an overhead view of everything and necessary software and operating system. The Java based web clients will communicate over the Internet to the controller computer and will send the commands to the robots. To test our system, we will implement a two robot game of tag.

Updated: 10/26/99
(c)1999 Bradley University ECET
Project Members: John Kiolbasa, Rob Harding, Jon Kujanski, Greg Harmon
Project Advisors: Dr. Aleksander Olek Malinowski, Dr. Brian D. Huggins